A Word From The Cheeky

The Cheeky is a invention collective founded on the noble principles of taste and decorum--more specifically, our blatant disregard of both. We stand by our motto “We apologise in advance”, and continue to cross the line while pushing boundaries while rocking the boat while shocking and aweing, all while combining cliches. But we haven’t done it alone, gaining accolades from a load of bored people in the world of media, and incredible exposure thanks to some easily offended celebrities with twitter accounts.

When we started, we were basically digging for ideas in the deep recesses of our immature minds--making products for those who share our warped view of the world, and have a little disposable cash. 

Our ideas for products are founded in basic, honest, uncomfortable truths that are intended to make you laugh, squirm, think, or all of the above. It’s pretty simple. We have an idea, we produce it, we publicize it, and allow the world to run with it. So thank you for buying our products. Please tell your friends--and your enemies too.


MasterBeta Testing

 At the Cheeky, we have a proprietary approach called MasterBeta-ing. Basically, we gather around, come up with product ideas and MasterBeta together. When we have an idea that we like, we don’t bother talking ourselves out of it. Instead, we just make it, preferably with child labourers (not true, we prefer senior citizen labour). If it sells, we make more. When we make more, we find a cheaper way to make it and pass the savings on to you. It’s simple Cheekonomics™.